Orchard CMS Module for Page View Statistics

I developed an Orchard website for a client that wanted a quick and easy way to see trends in page views for routable content types like Pages, Products, Blog Posts, etc. The website was already backed with various hard core analytics. This request was more for casual use when managing store products or blog posts. They just wanted a simple bar graph that showed X days of page view statistics right within Orchard as they were managing various content types. As I have come to love, anything is possible in Orchard CMS...

Orchard CMS Training and Developing SEO Meta Tags Module

The other day I mentioned teaching Orchard Training where we built several Orchard CMS modules, including a Carousel Widget for Twitter Bootstrap. Check out the following post: Orchard Training and Twitter Bootstrap Carousel Module. In addition to the Carousel Widget, we also developed an SEO module, called Meta Tags, to help with one aspect of search engine optimization of your Orchard Website...

Orchard Training and Twitter Bootstrap Carousel Module

It's been a busy few month with the holidays and developing various Orchard websites, modules, and themes. I took a few months off from Orchard training. This past Monday (January 14, 2013) I taught a class on Orchard CMS to a handful of developers interested in learning how to develop custom Orchard modules. I kept the class small to clear the "cobwebs" and get back into the groove. We developed 5 custom Orchard modules (parts, widgets, types, fields, etc. ) in the 4 hours of training and I thought I would just touch upon them for kicks in a series of posts. Since Twitter Bootstrap is so popular, a lot of the various Orchard widgets and modules used Twitter Boostrap for various CSS, JavaScript, etc. It was a fun and very useful session!..

Orchard Commerce and Online Store Example

I created a feature-rich example of using Orchard CMS as an online store / e-commerce website. My goal is to use it for Orchard CMS Training, Presentations, and maybe a developer group I plan to start later this year. I also like it as a great example as to what an Orchard Developer can do with Orchard CMS. This Orchard Store is packed with functionality, including: sliders; product carousels; various widgets to promote products whether they be popular, new, or whatever; social networking-type widgets like Twitter, Recent Blog Posts, etc; mincarts and shopping carts showcasing Ajax and user-friendly, responsive UX; product reviews and related products; Google Checkout; FAQ, Blog, and Portfolio; etc. Yeah, this thing is stacked with widgets and functionality that spotlight your products and encourage sales!..