WebMatrix Database Migration for Orchard CMS

I spend 70% of my time as an Orchard CMS Developer in Visual Studio developing custom modules and websites for clients, but the other 30% is developing custom themes using WebMatrix. In addition to creating themes in WebMatrix, I also love the database migration wizard in WebMatrix that will allow you to convert / migrate a SQL Server CE database to a SQL Server Express or SQL Server Database. During Orchard CMS development I love to use SQL Server CE as my database, because it is easy to copy, compress, and check-in to source code. However for deployment, you may want to use SQL Server Express or SQL Server for the performance gains. This is where Microsoft WebMatrix makes it really easy to migrate that SQL Server Compact Edition Database to SQL Server...

Microsoft WebMatrix 3 Web Development Tool

Microsoft released its WebMatrix 3 Web Development Tool. Most Microsoft Web Developers like myself have probably been developing with the WebMatrix 3 Preview for at least a month or two, but news of the release is great to hear. WebMatrix 3 now supports TFS, Git, and GitHub making version control a breeze. If you are using Microsoft's Cloud Offering, called Azure, you will find it easy to publish a website to Windows Azure as well as do remote editing. You will also find support for TypeScript and various extensions that provide mobile developers with iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Simulators, etc. From time-to-time I will use WebMatrix for Small Website Development as well as Orchard Theme Development...

WebMatrix Git and GitHub Source Control

I am a big fan of Microsoft WebMatrix and often use it for Orchard CMS Development. WebMatrix 3 preview was just released and it has support for Git and GitHub. You can open websites by providing a remote Git URL or clone a repository in your GitHub account. WebMatrix detects your website is a Git repository and displays a new Source Control Toolbar to perform simple Git commands. It's a beautiful thing!..

Microsoft WebMatrix 2 With Orchard CMS Dashboard Links and Buttons

Microsoft WebMatrix 2 was just released and now Orchard CMS Developers have the pleasure of Orchard CMS Dashboard Links and Buttons within WebMatrix 2. These features help one navigate to the Orchard Administration Dashboard, add Orchard Modules and Themes, and participate in the Orchard CMS Community!..

WebMatrix Supports CoffeeScript

Microsoft WebMatrix has numerous new features in version 2, including: code completion for PHP, C#, Razor; iPhone and iPad emulators for mobile web development; Less, Sass, Scss, and CoffeeScript support; Nuget Gallery support that even allows me to download Orchard Modules and Themes; node.js support; etc. I mainly use Sublime Text 2 and JetBrains WebStorm / RubyMine for casual website development, but WebMatrix is free and now feature-rich providing a nice alternative...

Installing Orchard CMS as an Azure Web Site

Microsoft unveiled some really cool features for Windows Azure today, and one of them is the new Web Sites Feature allowing you to start small and create up to 10 free websites in a shared environment on Azure with the ability to painlessly scale each website to a reserved capacity later. In addition to creating websites from scratch, Azure has an option to install selected applications from its gallery. As it so happens, Orchard CMS is in the Azure App Gallery and can be installed in minutes, complete with full support for downloading modules and themes from the Orchard Gallery and easy management from WebMatrix. Here are the highlights for installing Orchard CMS on Windows Azure and setting up WebMatrix with Web Deploy...

Microsoft WebMatrix 2 for Small Website Development

Microsoft released a preview of a number of new technologies and developer tools at the Microsoft Build Conference. As of today I have successfully installed Windows 8, Visual Studio 2011, WebMatrix 2, ASP.NET MVC 4 and all the related developer tools and technology stacks that come with them. As a Microsoft .NET Developer and Microsoft MVP it is always great to get early access to Microsoft development tools and technologies. I am excited about them all, but I want to focus first on WebMatrix 2, which offers a lot of interesting new features for web developers interested in developing small business websites. WebMatrix 2 is not just a website editor, but a stack of technologies offering end-to-end website development and deployment services. You get HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing and intellisense, database development tools for SQL Server and MySQL, integration with Nuget, remote website publishing and editing, reporting on SEO and website health, ASP Web Pages and PHP Scripting, starter websites and templates, and a whole gallery of CMS, Blogging, and other applications like Orchard CMS, Umbraco, Joomla, WordPress, and DotNetNuke out-of-the-box! Let's discuss some of the new features in WebMatrix 2!..