Here is another Orchard Tutorial based on a new feature in Orchard 1.5. We are all familiar with the Search Functionality in Orchard CMS. There is a Search Widget that you can add to your website to allow visitors to search through your various pages, blog posts, and custom content types on your Orchard Website. As an Orchard Administrator, however, you didn't have any built-in way to search the same content from the Orchard Dashboard to make it easy to find content and edit it - until now! In Orchard 1.5 we now have a new feature, called Admin Content Search!

Admin Content Search in Orchard

Admin Content Search is enabled from the Modules area in your Orchard Dashboard. It is disabled by default with the built-in recipes that come with Orchard. To enable it, filter the modules by admin and click the Enable link.

Admin Content Search in Orchard CMS

Notice that Admin Content Search depends on the Search Feature. A dependency on Search means the Indexing and Search Features will be enabled if you have not done so already and require you to enable an indexing implementation, like Lucene. Chances are you have already enabled Search, Indexing, and Lucene to provider search functionality on your website, but if you haven't, you will need to take a couple of seconds to make sure this is all done.

Searching Content As Admin in Orchard Dashboard

Once you have enabled the Admin Content Search Feature you'll be looking around for a search box to magically appear on the Orchard Dashboard. That won't happen :) Instead, you need to click on the Content Link on the Orchard Dashboard and you will see a new tab, called Search! Type in a search phrase and Orchard will display a list of Content Items that meet the search criteria.

Search Content in Orchard CMS as Admin from Orchard Dasboard

Orchard Admin Search and Content Type Filtering

I love the new Admin Content Search Feature introduced in Orchard 1.5. It allows Orchard Administrators to easily search for pages, blog posts, and other content in the Orchard Website for ease of editing and administration. The only additional piece of functionality that I think would be fairly nice for power users, but not critical, is the ability to filter on Content Type. Most of the time when administering websites I am looking for a particular type of content, like a blog post, page, product, etc. In addition to the search phrase, it would be kinda nice to have a dropdown menu defaulting to "All," but having the ability to select a content type to help filter the search results by content type.

Orchard CMS Admin Search with Content Type Filtering


I am really looking forward to Orchard 1.5! I have been testing Orchard 1.5 RC1 and RC2. Orchard 1.5 has an expected release date of this Wednesday. Lots and lots of really cool features. As I find time I will be blogging the new features tagged as Orchard Tutorials!

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