Before you upgrade your Orchard Website to Orchard 1.8, I recommend you read the Orchard 1.8 Release Notes. There are some steps formatted in BOLD that clearly state you must assign the Administrator Role to your Orchard Super User Account before performing the upgrade. If you don't, you will get locked out of the dashboard and have to either 1) re-do the 1.8 upgrade again after performing the step or 2) gain access to the Orchard database and do a bit of manual hacking.

Orchard 1.8 Release Notes Snippet

Note that these instructions could change at anytime so I recommend you view the release notes directly, but here are the clearly stated instructions that need to happen prior to the Orchard 1.7.2 to Orchard 1.8 upgrade:


  • Backup your database and your website content
  • Assign the Administrator role to your current Super User account. You will need an account with the Site Owner permission before you update your website with the new release. Without this step you won't be able to access the dashboard. In case you are discovering this notice too late, here is the manual operation to apply. In your database table Orchard_Framework_ContentItemRecord, on the record with id=1 (the site content item), update the value with this content <Data><SiteSettingsPart SuperUser="admin"/></Data>
  • Enable the Upgrade module

If you're confused about which account is the Super User Account, it is the account named in the General Settings area of the Orchard Dashboard.

Super User Orchard CMS

Once you have identified the Super User Account, go into Users, edit the Super User Account, and assign the user to the Administrator Role.


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