I talked about Orchard CMS Security in a couple of recent blog posts: Tracking Failed Logon Attempts in Orchard CMS using Workflow Module and Adding CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA to Orchard CMS Login Page for Extra Security.

Speaking of security, there is a new Audit Trail Module in Orchard CMS 1.9. The Audit Trail Module is useful for security because it logs both the username and optional ip address associated with users making changes in the Orchard backend. It is also useful for content management because it helps a team of website contributors understand what content has been updated and when in the Orchard Website .

Audit Trail Module

The Audit Trail Module needs to be enabled just like any Orchard Module. You can enable both the Audit Trail Module as well as several other modules that detect other content management events: Audit Trail Content Definition Events, Audit Trail Import Export, Audit Trail Role Events, Audit Trail Trimming, and Audit Trail User Events.

Audit Trail Module in Orchard CMS 1.9

Audit Trail Settings

As you enable various audit trail modules in Orchard CMS you can tweak which events get logged in the audit trail via the Audit Trail Settings. The number of settings grow as you enable additional audit trail modules. Shown below are some of the default options when you enable the Audit Trail Module. There is also an option to log the IP Address of the client.

Audit Trail Settings in Orchard CMS

Audit Trail in Orchard CMS

I can't show the entire display in a screenshot, but there is an "Audit Trail" option in the Administrative Dashboard Menu that allows you to view the various events.

Audit Trail in Orchard CMS


Hope you enjoyed this quick Orchard CMS Tutorial on the new Audit Trail Module in Orchard CMS 1.9.

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Also don't forget to check out my Orchard Tutorial on the Audit Trail Part in Orchard CMS when you want to view the audit trail inline when editing the content item or you want to add comments to the audit trail!