In my previous article I mentioned the new Audit Trail Module in Orchard CMS and how to enable the Audit Trail Module, view the audit trail, and modify audit trail settings. As I briefly mentioned in that article, the audit trail mainly tells you that a content item changed and not the exact change. This may be enough detail in many instances if you're just concerned with who made the last change and when in the Orchard Website, but many times you would like more detail.

Audit Trail Part in Orchard CMS

The Audit Trail Module in Orchard CMS contains an Audit Trail Part, which is an attachable Content Part that can be attached to any Content Type. You could, for example, attach the Audit Trail Part to the Page Content Type in Orchard.

Audit Trail Part in Orchard CMS

Per the Audit Trail Part's description, it does two things. First, it provides an inline audit trail to content items. This means you can see the entire audit trail history for the content item when editing it in Orchard. Second, the Audit Trail Part allows you to add an audit trail comment, providing much more detailed information about the actual change made to the content item. The audit trail log is so much more valuable when comments are added with each change to the Orchard Website.

Add Comments to Audit Trail in Orchard CMS


Add that Audit Trail Part to any Content Types in your Orchard Website for both the convenience of seeing the audit trail inline to the content item and adding comments to the audit trail to better communicate with your website team.

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