Day 2 of the Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week had us using the Raspberry Pi with Coder from Google in Sarasota, Florida. Coder is a platform that runs on the Raspberry Pi that lets parents and educators teach HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to children and young developers. Coder allows you to create new web applications within the browser while the Raspberry PI becomes the web server.

Coder for Raspberry Pi

If you are interested in learning more about Coder, check out the official website. Once you have the Raspberry Pi up and running on your network and connect to it via your local browser, you can run a couple of bundled applications as well as create your own.

Using Coder with Raspberry Pi in Sarasota Florida

Teaching Children Programming in Sarasota Florida

The development environment for Coder in the browser is really nice for teaching children and teens programming. There are tabs that allow you to modify the HTML, CSS, JS, and NODE code in the browser. Upon saving your work the preview pane will update automatically, allowing you to see your changes. You can create your own web pages, games, and applications as well as modify the bundled applications.

Create HTML Applications with Raspberry Pi in Sarasota Florida


Coder for Raspberry Pi is perfect for teaching children and teens HTML, CSS, and JS right within the browser. The Raspberry Pi makes the perfect web server and a Mac or PC running a browser can be used to create web pages, websites, games, and applications. You can use a simple Wifi Adapter on the Raspberry Pi to eliminate the need for a network if you don't have one handy.

Tomorrow we'll be doing a bit of python programming on the Raspberry Pi. Happy Hour of Code from Sarasota, Florida!

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