I built a custom Orchard Module that displays a humans.txt file for Orchard Websites. I built it the same time I converted my Robots.txt Module to use Infoset for storing Content Part Data. The code is essentially identical, except the module responds to a request for humans.txt. Humans.txt is an interesting way to provide humans with information about the Orchard Website.

Humans.txt Orchard Module

The Humans.txt Orchard Module leverages infoset for storing Content Part data. Once the module is installed and enabled, the Orchard Website Administrator can enable the module and provide any information to be displayed in the humans.txt file. You can put anything you want in the file. Often one provides the names of the Orchard Developers, perhaps the version of Orchard, a list of any custom Orchard Modules and their links, etc. I don't typically provide a humans.txt file for my websites, but it certainly is a neat idea. After the release of Orchard 1.8, I think I will for my personal Orchard Websites.

Orchard CMS humans.txt

humans.txt Orchard Module


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