I've been writing a number of Orchard Tutorials documenting new features in Orchard 1.3. The first tutorial described how to author blog posts and pages using the new Markdown Support in Orchard 1.3. The second tutorial demonstrated the new preview feature in Orchard 1.3 for previewing draft and unpublished blog posts and pages before publishing them to the world. Now I want to talk about a new feature in Orchard 1.3 that allows Orchard web developers, Orchard web designers, and Orchard administrators to delete content types from Orchard. As you begin to develop and install content types in Orchard either through the Administrative UI or via custom Orchard Modules you may want to delete these content types when no longer in use. In Orchard 1.3 you can now do this just as you are able to create and modify content types within Orchard.

In Orchard 1.2 You Cannot Delete Content Types

You've picked Orchard as the content management system for your new e-commerce website where you plan to sell products made by the family business. You start creating a new Product Content Type, Shopping Cart Content Type, and other content types to support your online business. During this development or investigation you decide to delete the content types, because you have found a Custom Orchard Module or better solution. You navigate to the list of Content Types to delete the Product and Shopping Cart only to find there is no delete button. Here is an image in Orchard 1.2 using the Blog Post Content Type.

Can't Delete Content Types in Orchard 1.2

Ugh. Seems like a pretty basic need. You can create content types, but you can't delete content types before Orchard 1.3. Now you have all of these unused content types in your Orchard Website and you can't just delete the database and start over as their are pages, blog posts, users, and all kinds of other content types and data you need to save in your Orchard e-commerce website. Okay, to be fair, it's not all bad - there is a work-around :)

Delete Content Types Orchard Module

You're not the first Orchard Developer to notice this problem and so the Orchard Developer Team came up with a temporary solution to remove content types by releasing a Delete Content Types Module that allowed one to remove content types from the Orchard Website. For more details, see the post: Delete Content Types in Orchard CMS with Custom Module. Download, install, and activate the Delete Content Types Feature in Orchard and now you are presented with a Remove Content Type Button for each Content Type in your Orchard e-commerce website.

Remove Content Types in Orchard Content Management System

Orchard 1.3 Delete Content Type is Native Feature

In Orchard 1.3, the Orchard Developer Team has now made the Delete Content Type Button native to Orchard CMS. Now when you have created that wonderful online business and decide to delete the Product and Shopping Cart Content Types you will notice a Delete Button right next to the Save Button. Orchard Web Developers will especially appreciate this feature as they learn how to develop for Orchard CMS and experiment with creating and displaying new content types!

Orchard 1.3 Feature - Delete Content Type


With the new native support of deleting Content Types in Orchard 1.3, Orchard web developers, designers, and administrators should feel more comfortable about experimenting with new content types and parts to enhance their Orchard websites. If you're thinking about selling products on your Orchard website, don't be concerned with adding a new Product Content Type to display new products for sale. Turn you Orchard Website into an e-commerce, online business and have some fun with it!

Orchard Tutorials

Now that we have covered most of the simple features in Orchard 1.3 it is time to move on to some of the more advanced features like the new Title Content Part and ITitleAspect as well as the Forms API, Tokens, and Rules. All of my Orchard Tutorials are tagged as Orchard Tutorials.

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