Coming Soon is a Start Bootstrap Template like the 2 themes that are currently provided with Orchard Core CMS, Blog and Agency.

Orchard Core CMS Theme - Coming Soon

Coming Soon includes a Setup Recipe that can be used to create a new Orchard Core CMS website. Choosing "Coming Soon" from the list of available Setup Recipes will set Coming Soon as the default theme and pre-populate sample contents in the CMS.

Orchard Core CMS Setup Recipe

Liquid Template Language

After about a decade of developing Orchard CMS Themes using the Razor Template Language, which is the default template language for ASP.NET, it was an enjoyable experience to use the Liquid Template Language to create the Coming Soon theme.

Liquid is the templating language created by Shopify for serving dynamic content in their e-commerce websites. Liquid is also an optional template language for creating Orchard Core CMS Themes along with Razor. Since Liquid shares a common syntax to Django and Jinja, which I use when developing websites using Python, coding it was a breeze and quite desirable.

A few examples of the Liquid Template Language you with find in an Orchard Core CMS Theme include the following.

<html lang="{{ Site.Culture }}">

{{ Model.Content | shape_render }}

{% resources type: "HeadScript" %}

{% render_body %}

{% render_section "Footer", required: false %}

When converting an existing HTML Template to an Orchard Core CMS Theme you will often need to override a number of shapes to get the output to display exactly like the template. When doing so I found Liquid to be a bit less verbose than Razor at times. I also think Liquid may be more approachable to non-developers than Razor.

Either way, Liquid is a nice alternative to Razor as a template language for creating themes.

JetBrains Rider

As an aside, I thought I would mention that I have been using JetBrains Rider to develop Orchard Core CMS Themes and Modules. My development machine is a MacBook Pro, and I use JetBrains IDE's for a lot of development and mentoring. This past school year, for example, I tutored college students in Java, Python, and PHP/MySQL, and used JetBrains IntelliJ, PyCharm, and PhpStorm, respectively. I also use CLion when programming in C for my online computer science courses. JetBrains makes wonderful IDE's.

Although still in EAP, Rider is working well for developing both custom multi-tenant Orchard Core Web Applications as well as custom themes and modules for Orchard Core CMS. If like me, you are coding on macOS, JetBrains Rider is a viable choice as an IDE for Orchard Core projects. You do not have to use Visual Studio on Windows or Visual Studio for Mac.

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