I've been converting numerous Orchard Rules from the now deprecated Orchard Rules Engine to the new Workflow Module in Orchard CMS such that my main outlet for distraction has been developing custom image filters for the Orchard Media Processing Module. I've already mentioned the Text Image Filter that allows you to write text on photos and the Grayscale Image Filter that converts color photos to black and white. I've built a few other image filters that add noise, flip, rotate, and apply a Sepia look to photos. Again, these image filters can help you create nice photo galleries and portfolios in your Orchard CMS Websites. As for me, I just love customizing and extending Orchard!

More Custom Image Filters for Orchard CMS

I plan on expanding the number of custom image filters to be used with the Media Processing Module in Orchard CMS, but for right now I have created 6 image filters for fun! The image filters that you can add to a media profile in Orchard CMS include:

  • Sepia Image Filter - Adds a brown color to your photos resembling Sepia.
  • Noise Image Filter - Adds white noise to your photos.
  • Flip Image Filter - Flips your photo horizontally, vertically, or both.
  • Rotate Image Filter - Rotates the photo by a specified degree.
  • Grayscale Image Filter - Converts the photo to black and white.
  • Text Image Filter - Adds text to a photo using various fonts, colors, etc.

These custom image filters are in addition to the image filters that comes with the Media Processing Module in Orchard CMS:

  • Format Image Filter - Changes the format of the photo to pnf, gif, jpeg, etc.
  • Resize Image Filter - Resizes the image using a predefined width and height and can stretch, pad, etc.

Image Filters for Media Processing Module in Orchard CMS

The image filters are pretty self-explanatory, so I will just leave you with the image of one of my favorite animals here in Sarasota, Florida! It is the same photo in the blog posts Image Filters and Media Profiles in Orchard CMS Media Processing and Grayscale Image Filter for Orchard CMS with the added benefit of the Sepia Filter.

Sepia Image Filters for Media Processing Module in Orchard CMS


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