The Orchard Developer Team released Orchard 1.4.1 on May 4, 2012. Orchard 1.4.1 is a maintenance release and fixes/closes at least 57 bugs/work items and has all the new features from Orchard 1.4, including: Autoroute and Alias, Projector Module, and numerous new field types. In addition to those main features in Orchard 1.4, there are numerous other changes like Custom 404 Error and Not Found Pages in Orchard, displaying edit and content links in Orchard, Orchard datamigration classes automatically being updated, new Journalist Orchard Theme, and more.

Download Orchard 1.4.1 from CodePlex

As with all new Orchard releases, you can find Orchard 1.4.1 first on CodePlex. You can download the website version of Orchard 1.4.1 or the source code of Orchard 1.4.1. It usually takes a few days for the new version of Orchard to be released as part of the WebMatrix Web Gallery. When Orchard 1.4.1 is on the WebMatrix Gallery, however, you can follow my WebMatrix and Orchard Installation Instructions.

Orchard 1.4.1 Has 57 Bug Fixes and Closed Work Items

If you are interested in the bug fixes and closed items for Orchard 1.4.1 or any other version of Orchard, you can always check the Orchard Issue Tracker. Here are the bugs and work items fixed and closed for Orchard 1.4.1.

Upgrading to Orchard 1.4.1

If you are running a version of Orchard before 1.4 and you wish to upgrade to Orchard 1.4.1, Orchard 1.4.1 comes with a special UpgradeTo14 Module that needs to run in order to migrate the old RoutePart to Autoroute and Title Parts. The Orchard UpgradeTo14 Module is run after the normal Orchard Upgrading Procedure and your content will not display on your website until after you upgrade and run the module. Therefore, don't be concerned if your pages and blog won't display on your Orchard Website until after your run the UpgradeTo14 Module.

For those who have already installed Orchard 1.4 and are just upgrading it to Orchard 1.4.1, you do not need to run the UpgradeTo14 Module. You had already run the module during the Orchard 1.4 upgrade and it does not need to be run again when upgrading your Orchard Website to 1.4.1.


If you run into any problems upgrading your Orchard Website to 1.4.1, please let the Orchard Developer Team know of any issues.