It's late into the night as I eagerly upgrade an old Orchard Website to Orchard 1.9.2. This upgrade is more than just an upgrade, however. From an Orchard Website perspective you could call it a complete overhaul and re-architecture. Among other things, it's using the new Dynamic Forms feature in Orchard 1.9. I almost thought I would need to create a new Form Element for Dynamic Forms, but then I found the ever so lovely Anti-Spam Elements for Dynamic Forms.

Anti-Spam Elements for Dynamic Forms

If you're building dynamic forms for your Orchard Website, you probably want CAPTCHA to help with spam. Custom Forms use a reCAPTCHA Content Part that attaches to your custom form content type. You can see this in the blog post: How to Add reCAPTCHA to Custom Forms in Orchard CMS. Dynamic Forms cannot use the reCAPTCHA Content Part, of course, and need a custom form element. My immediate thought was "uh... oh..." when I didn't see a reCAPTCHA Form Element under Forms in the layout toolbox. My second reaction was I must be missing something even though I welcomed the challenge to develop it myself. That's when I found it and can't believe I didn't see it earlier: Anti-Spam Elements for Dynamic Forms.

Anti-Span Elements for Dynamic Forms in Orchard CMS

reCAPTCHA Form Element

Once I enabled the Anti-Spam Elements Module I saw the most beautiful element under Forms in the layout toolbox: the Re Captcha Form Element.

reCAPTCHA for Dynamic Forms in Orchard CMS

All is right in the world!