Dynamic Forms in Orchard CMS is a wonderful new feature, but using the Import Export Module to export dynamic forms data can be intimidating to clients. It feels so much more intuitive and powerful to just go to the dynamic form submissions and click on an Export to CSV Button. As an Orchard Developer I created such a button and feature, because exporting this information as a CSV file is pretty important to clients. In most cases they want to get that data as a CSV file to use in Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, or some other tool, and they want to do it easily.

Exporting Dynamic Forms Data to CSV File

As much as technology changes it seems like there is never a shortage of clients asking for export to CSV functionality. And, as much as I try to get clients to use the Import Export Module in Orchard CMS for their export needs, there is always a push back. I think the export screen may be a bit complex and users are just used to a simple export to CSV option in many of their applications, websites, etc.

I went ahead and extended Dynamic Forms in Orchard CMS via a custom module to include the export to CSV file option for each dynamic form. You certainly don't need this option with the Import Export Module in Orchard CMS, but it makes it so much easier and intuitive that it had to happen.

Export Dynamic Forms Data to CSV File in Orchard CMS


Just another example of extending Dynamic Forms in Orchard CMS. If you're looking for an experienced Orchard Web Developer, please contact me.