NimblePros created a Featured Item Slider Module for Orchard CMS, but it does not work with Orchard CMS 1.7 and the Media Library. A client of mine wanted to use this slider in a new Orchard 1.7 website, so I went ahead and created a new version that works with Orchard 1.7 and the Media Library. In addition to upgrading the Featured Item Slider to work with the Media Library, I also fixed a couple bugs and upgraded the ColorPicker and Slimbox jQuery Plugins to work with the new version of jQuery in Orchard CMS.

Featured Item Slider for Media Library

I took the original code for Featured Item Slider and made some minor changes to use the Media Library in Orchard CMS 1.7. I modified the module to use the MediaLibraryPickerField instead of the ImagePickerField as well as updated the ColorPicker and Slimbox 2 jQuery Plugins used in the Orchard Dashboard. I did this all very quickly as it was a pretty urgent need by one of my Orchard Clients.

You can find my updated Featured Item Slider for Orchard CMS on GitHub:

Featured Item Slider for Orchard CMS on GitHub

If you are interested in using the slider, please note the warning that it does not migrate/upgrade the slider provided by NimblePros. This is a completely new Featured Item Slider Module. I changed the namespace and removed all the old migration data, because I knew I would have to support this code as well as I only needed it for a new Orchard Website. If you have an existing Orchard Website that used the old version of the Featured Item Slider from NimblePros, this will not upgrade or migrate that module.

It works well. If you have any issues, please let me know.


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