When the official Orchard Website moved to Azure the URL of the gallery feed changed. To avoid having Orchard Web Developers change the URL I believe a redirect from the old URL to the new URL was put in place, but this apparently has not worked because when you install a new Orchard 1.4 website from scratch one often receives an "Install package failed" error when attempting to download and install modules and themes from the Orchard Gallery. While the problem could be because you don't have write privileges on the Modules and Themes directories, it also might be because the gallery feed URL needs to be changed! I'll walk you through the change.

Orchard Install Package Failed

First, let's talk about the error. If you install Orchad 1.4 from scratch from say the Webmatrix Gallery and attempt to download and install a new theme or module you may run into the "Install package failed" error. As mentioned before, you may need to enable write privilleges on your Orchard Modules and Themes Folders, or the gallery feed URL may need to be changed to point to the new URL.

Install Package Failed Orchard CMS

Changing the Orchard Gallery Feed URL

When you click on Settings > Gallery in the Orchard Dashboard you will see the Orchard Gallery Feed URL that is hardcoded in the Orchard Source Code.

Orchard Gallery Feed URL

If the URL is:


this is the old URL and you will want to change it to:


Change the URL is as simple as adding a new Feed and deleting the old feed.

Click the Add Feed Button to add the new feed with the correct Orchard Gallery Feed URL:

Add Orchard Gallery Feed

Once you have added the new feed make sure you delete the old feed. Now all you have is the new Orchard Gallery Feed with the correct URL to Azure.

New Orchard Gallery Feed URL

When you install modules and themes from the Orchard Gallery you shouldn't receive the "Install package failed" error if this was indeed the problem. If the problem persists, make sure you do have the proper write privileges on your modules and themes folders so Orchard can indeed download and install the modules and themes to the Orchard website.

DefaultPackagingUpdater in Orchard.Packaging

For those Orchard Web Developers that feel comfortable playing with the Orchard Source Code, you can fix the DefaultPackagingUpdater in Orchard.Packaging so the correct Orchard Gallery Feed URL is always populated correctly. Here is the code in question:

public void Installed(Feature feature) {
    if (feature.Descriptor.Id == "Gallery") {
        _packagingSourceManager.AddSource("Orchard Gallery",

Just change the URL to:



Hopefully with the next release of Orchard the Orchard Developers will change the URL of the Orchard Gallery Feed or indeed fix the redirect problem so we no longer receive the "Install package failed" error when installing Orchard Modules and Themes. In the meantime, the solution is a 2 minute fix now that you have the instructions.

You can also manually install Modules and Themes from the Orchard Gallery, but that's only in case of emergencies!

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