Freelancer is a one-page Bootstrap 4 Orchard Core CMS Theme for freelance developers based upon the Freelancer HTML Template from Start Boostrap. It includes a portfolio, about, and contact us sections.

Freelance Developer Orchard Core CMS Theme

Freelancer includes a Setup Recipe that creates a new Orchard Core CMS website. The Setup Recipe enables Freelancer as the default Orchard Core CMS Theme and pre-populates the website with appropriate content. Setup creates the menus, working portfolio with sample projects, and sample pages just as you see in the HTML template.

Freelance Developer Orchard Core CMS Setup Receipe

Orchard Core CMS Themes can use either the Razor or Liquid Template Language. Freelancer uses the Liquid Template Language to build and display all the shapes.

Orchard Core CMS Database

As an aside, I have been using SQLite as my database when building, testing, and deploying themes for Orchard Core CMS. The name of the database generated during setup is called yessql.db. It is named after YesSql, which is a .NET document database interface for relational databases.

The number of tables used for Orchard Core CMS is much less than that of Orchard CMS. All content items are located in the documents table and most of the other tables are indexes to efficiently query the documents.

Orchard Core CMS SQLite Datatabase YesSql

More Orchard Core CMS Themes

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