As a Microsoft developer, I mainly use Azure for all my cloud services needs, whether this be for ASP.NET Core MVC, Web API, and Razor Pages development or Orchard Core development. Azure Storage is a critical piece of the Azure cloud services along with the Azure Web App Service and SQL Server Database services in most of my development projects. More complex projects will use Azure Functions, Azure API Management Services, and Cosmos DB services as well. In this tutorial I will quickly show how to install Azure Storage Explorer on Ubuntu 20.04 using Snap so Azure developers can quickly explore and manage their containers, file shares, tables, and queues in their storage accounts.

Ubuntu 20.04 and Snap

As I mentioned earlier, I've recently begun to use Ubuntu 20.04 while tutoring my computer science and computer engineering students. Most of the my students use a Linux distribution for their computer science courses, and in my case, most of the students I mentor use Ubuntu 20.04. I've enjoyed the experience and have started using Ubuntu 20.04 for my own development in addition to macOS and Windows.

One of the easiest ways to install applications and their dependencies on Ubuntu is via Snap. Snap is installed by default on Ubuntu 20.04 and one can easily open a shell and check for its existence and version using the snap version command.

$ snap version
snap    2.49.2
snapd   2.49.2
series  16
ubuntu  20.04
kernel  5.8.0-50-generic

When you type snap by itself a list of popular snap commands will be displayed that you can execute on Ubuntu 20.04 to find, install, remove, and list applications.

Let's use Snap to install Azure Storage Explorer so we can explore and manage our Azure storage accounts.

Install Azure Storage Explorer on Ubuntu 20.04

Let's install Azure Storage Explorer on Ubuntu 20.04 using Snap. The snap find command will help us find Storage Explorer. A number of snap packages will be displayed, but you should see Azure Storage Explorer in the list.

$ snap find storage-explorer
storage-explorer  1.19.1  msft-storage-tools. - Azure storage management

Now that we've verified Azure Storage Explorer exists as a snap package, we can install it using the snap install command in Ubuntu 20.04.

$ snap install storage-explorer
storage-explorer 1.19.1 from Microsoft Azure Storage Tools (msft-storage-tools) installed

Azure Storage Explorer uses the password manager in Ubuntu 20.04. Connect Storage Explorer to the password manager using the following command.

$ snap connect storage-explorer:password-manager-service :password-manager-service

That's it! Azure Storage Explorer has been successfully installed on Ubuntu 20.04, which allows you to explore and manage the containers, file shares, tables, and queues in your Azure storage account.