Packt Publishing emailed me to see if I was interested in reading and reviewing their new book Instant AngularJS Starter. I am a huge fan of AngularJS and use it for developing single page applications so of course I said yes :) And I am glad I did, because Instant AngularJS Starter is an EXCELLENT introduction to developing web apps with AngularJS.

Instant AngularJS Starter

Instant AngularJS Starter BookUnless I am mistaken, Instant AngularJS Starter is the only book available right now on AngularJS. It is focused on web developers that are new to AngularJS and want to know what makes AngularJS so special and how to get up and running with it quickly. I have read it twice and it is basically divided into 3 areas:

  • Overview of AngularJS and how it differs from other JavaScript frameworks.
  • How to integrate AngularJS into existing website and create a Guidebook Application.
  • Tour of Top 5 Features: Templates, Databinding, Modules, Dependency Injection, and Directives

I wish this book was around when I first started learning AngularJS, because it would have saved me a lot of time sifting through documentation and videos.

What I loved most about this book is that it gets straight to business. Right after the quick, but meaningful, overview of AngularJS you dive right into AngularJS basics. The author presents an HTML document and then immediately begins to integrate AngularJS. You start to understand the required script files and "annotations" as well as basics of databinding, controllers, scope, etc. It is a gentle introduction that helps you understand how AngularJS interacts with and extends HTML on a page.

Once you have dipped your toes into AngularJS, the author then dives into the development of a Guidebook Application. This will introduce you to a lot more features of AngularJS and show you an architecture that makes development easier to maintain and understand. You wire up routes that marry views and controllers, create modules, learn common built-in directives and features, leverage dependency injection, and in general get a great feel for using AngularJS in more complicated web apps.

At this point in the book you have only touched upon the powerful features of AngularJS. This is where the author calls out 5 features of AngularJS that you'll love and really leverage: Templates, Databinding, Modules, Dependency Injection, and Directives. With both the excellent walkthrough of the Guidebook Application and now a more thorough understanding of the above features, you will truly have a well-rounded introduction to AngularJS.


If you are new to AngularJS and looking for a solid introduction without sifting through documentation and videos, Instant AngularJS Starter is the real deal. Read Instant AngularJS Starter first and then dive into the documentation and online videos with your solid foundation!

Learn more about Instant AngularJS Starter at Packet Publishing.

Kudos to the developer for such a compact, no-nonsense introduction to AngularJS.

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