Learning from jQuery is a book for those developers familiar with jQuery and wanting to use that knowledge to better understand JavaScript and even use that JavaScript knowledge to write better JavaScript code for jQuery. Throughout the book you will see examples on how to achieve solutions to common problems in both jQuery and JavaScript as well as JavaScript specific language features to give you a better grasp of JavaScript.

Event Handling, DOM Manipulation, and AJAX

Learn from jQuery BookThe obvious areas where you see a comparison between jQuery and JavaScript are in those areas where jQuery excels: event handling, DOM traversing and manipulation, and Ajax. Obviously one can perform these operations in pure JavaScript, but after reading the code and the cross-browser gotchas ( mainly when using earlier versions of IE ) it is obvious why there are JavaScript libraries, like jQuery. The discussions and code illustrations are good and help one better understand what jQuery is abstracting and the alternative to doing it in JavaScript.

JavaScript Language

The other parts of the book focus on the JavaScript language itself, talking about constructors, prototypes, patterns and anti-patterns, best practices, keywords, etc. These sections will be a bit more difficult to read for web designers and developers who know jQuery mainly for animation and effects and want to better their JavaScript skills. Here you are learning JavaScript the programming language and how to leverage best practices and patterns and avoid common pitfalls. It is a pretty dry read, but there is no way to really make this stuff exciting if you don't get excited about learning new programming languages.

Best for Non-Programmers Using jQuery

The book itself is meant to be a beginner book to help those using jQuery to better understand JavaScript and what is happening under the covers of jQuery. It attempts to help them understand JavaScript, optimize their JavaScript code, leverage patterns, and avoid pitfalls. If you look at the book as an aid for non-programmer who use jQuery but don't know much about what it is doing and the underlying JavaScript, it's a good book. For web designers wanting to dip their toes in the water to better understand the jQuery code they write and how to optimize it, it's a good first purchase. I received the book for free as part of the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program.

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