I developed a Live Chat Module for Orchard Core CMS. This is similar to my robots.txt module that I just developed for Orchard Core in that it has custom settings that are populated in the admin dashboard, but different in that we want the live chat to be available on every page of the website. I will be developing a Google Analytics Module for Orchard Core using the same technique.

I enabled and configured the custom module on the Agency Website Theme that comes with Orchard Core. I am using Olark as the chat provider ( but it could be any ), and the chat window displays at the bottom of the website waiting for a little nudge.

Live Chat Orchard Core CMS Module

One can click on the live chat window to have a discussion about how cool the live chat module and functionality are for the website. This module is particularly fun because I built a module exactly like this for the previous version of Orchard CMS. You can read the blog post: Olark Live Chat Orchard CMS Module. The concepts are the same, but the coding is different, which is why I am developing a lot of modules for Orchard Core in my spare time.

Custom Orchard Core CMS Modules

So far I have developed 3 themes for Orchard Core CMS ( Coming Soon, Freelancer, Editorial ) and 4 modules ( Robots.txt, Caesar Cipher Liquid Template Language Filter, Workflow Activity, Live Chat ) and Orchard Core CMS is still in beta!