I develop a lot of custom themes for Orchard CMS and Orchard Core. As such, I am especially interested in changes that may impact theme design. One of the recent changes in Orchard Core CMS is the ability to specify that the login, registration, etc. pages are displayed using the active site theme. In the past, these account-related pages were always rendered using the active admin theme.

If you create an Orchard Core CMS Website and login to the dashboard as an administrator, you will see a new Login Setting in the dashboard that provides you the ability to enable and disable using the active site theme for the login page. If you were to enable the User Registration Module, you would see a similar setting for the registration page.

Login Setting Orchard Core CMS

This is a pretty cool change, because if you have customers or users logging into the website, you may want to present a login and registration page in Orchard Core CMS that is consistent with the look of the website. If you just use the login and registration pages for administrative purposes, it's still nice to have as an option in case things change in the future.

I created a new Orchard Core CMS Website using The Blog Theme. Here is what the Login Page looks like now with the setting enabled. We see the consistent header, footer, and copyright of the site theme along with the login form. Normally it's just a login form.

Login Page in Orchard Core CMS Using Active Site Theme

If you have already developed an Orchard Core CMS Theme, I highly recommend you enable both the Login and Registration Settings to use the active site theme and verify the login and registration pages look good. There is a pretty good chance that you will need to make some tweaks, because the body is rendered by Orchard Core CMS and it is probably styled differently from the the rest of the content being rendered by the website. Upon the next release of Orchard Core CMS, I will be going through all my custom themes and modules, because there have been quite a few changes.

Although I pumped about this change, I am really waiting for the ultimate change - the day the Login, Registration, Reset Password, and other account-related pages become composable. If you have ever tried to add custom fields or parts to these pages, you know what I mean. Many of my clients for Orchard CMS, for example, needed to have reCAPTCHA and other fields added to protect against brute force and other security attacks. This required custom changes to the source code, which I would like to avoid in Orchard Core CMS.