Packt Publishing recently released a new book on AngularJS, called Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS. I purchased the e-book immediately after publication as I am a huge fan of AngularJS and use it to develop all my SPA's. There are only two other e-books on AngularJS that have been published to date, Instant AngularJS and AngularJS, both of which I have read and enjoyed. However, of the three, Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS is by far the best and the one I would recommend to other developers interested in learning AngularJS.

Breadth and Depth of Information

Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS BookThe real big win here for Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS is both the depth and breadth of the information. This book just continues to go deeper and deeper into a lot more topics than the other AngularJS books that I have read thus far. This was made perfectly clear right at the beginning in Chapter 3, Communicating with the Back-end Server. The book goes much, much further than other books on making XHR and JSONP requests with $http, the promise API and $q, and RESTful endpoints with $resource. I literally had to put down the book after reading the part on promises, because no where have I read so much material on the subject, let alone in an AngularJS book. And that is just Chapter 3. The whole book just dives deeper and covers more information than any other AngularJS book so far.

Editing Not So Good

Normally I don't notice or care about grammatical mistakes, typos, or errors in books. My mind just fills in the blanks or reads between the lines and moves on. A book would have to be pretty bad for me to take notice and mention problems in the editing. Well, unfortunately, my version of the e-book is filled with grammatical errors, typos, missing phrases in sentences, and other blatant errors. I was a bit surprised at all the mistakes and several times the errors were so bad I had to stop and figure out what the authors were trying to say. Hopefully many of these errors will be caught or have been caught by the time you receive your copy. This being said, the book is too good to let these problems get in the way of you purchasing the book and learning all the wonderful information on AngularJS.


As mentioned above, Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS is the best book published on AngularJS thus far. It covers a lot more information and is more in depth than the other two books, Instant AngularJS and AngularJS. Hopefully they have fixed all the grammatical errors in the book, because this is the first, and only time, I have ever mentioned the poor editing of a book. The book is still worth it, however!

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