Microsoft Patterns & Practices released Enterprise Library 6. I still do a fair amount of Enterprise Library and Unity consulting and development for my larger clients so it is good to see the libraries continue to push forward since my days. We're all familiar with the DAAB, Logging Application Block, and Validation Blocks, but in EntLib 6 they have a new Semantic Logging Application Block as well as new features that support Windows Store apps, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web API.

Enterprise Library and Unity Developer's Guide and Examples

If you are new to Enterprise Library and Unity, I personally think the documentation and examples are excellent. Both Enterprise Library and Unity have a developer's guide to help you learn the libraries.

You'll find various updated examples and quickstarts for EntLib 6 and Unity sometime this month.

Migration to Enterprise Library 6 is completely optional, but I have always found it best to upgrade to the latest release.

Good luck with EntLib 6!