Microsoft released its WebMatrix 3 Web Development Tool. Most Microsoft Web Developers like myself have probably been developing with the WebMatrix 3 Preview for at least a month or two, but news of the release is great to hear. WebMatrix 3 now supports TFS, Git, and GitHub making version control a breeze. If you are using Microsoft's Cloud Offering, called Azure, you will find it easy to publish a website to Windows Azure as well as do remote editing. You will also find support for TypeScript and various extensions that provide mobile developers with iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Simulators, etc. From time-to-time I will use WebMatrix for Small Website Development as well as Orchard Theme Development.

WebMatrix 3 and Azure

The big change in WebMatrix 3 is the seamless support for Windows Azure. Obviously, Microsoft wants you paying for and using their Azure Cloud Service for hosting as opposed to Amazon or another 3rd party, so they are going to make publishing to their cloud as easy as possible if you are using Microsoft Web Development Tools. I already showed how easy it was to use WebMatrix to Install Orchard CMS on Windows Azure, but now the process is even easier. I'll post an updated process for installing and using Orchard CMS with WebMatrix 3 in the future.

WebMatrix Git, GitHub, and TFS Support

I have been using the Git and GitHub integration in the WebMatrix 3 Preview for quite some time. It's good to have version control support directly in WebMatrix 3. If you're familiar with Git and GitHub you will find the Source Control Toolbar in WebMatrix 3 a real joy. Again, I do a lot of my Orchard CMS Theme Development in WebMatrix 3 as Visual Studio 2012 is overkill for such a task. I store my Orchard Themes in GitHub and having the GitHub integration in WebMatrix 3 just makes it that much easier.

TypeScript Tools and Zen Coding

The power of WebMatrix really comes in the form of extensions that add new features to WebMatrix. You can install various WebMatrix Extensions for TypeScript and Zen Coding. I always use the various mobile web developer simulators for the iPhone and iPad. If you are a Windows Phone Developer you will enjoy the Windows Phone Simulator. Make sure you grab the OrangeBits Compiler Extension which compiles, minifies, and optimizes JavaScript and Stylesheets as well as LESS, Sass, Scss, and CoffeeScipt. The OrangeBits Compliler in WebMatrix 3 will also optimize the images in your website.


Learn more about WebMatrix 3 from the website. Check out my other WebMatrix Tutorials.