Adobe Shadow is a brilliant piece of software for developing websites and web application that target both the desktop and mobile iOS and Anrdoid devices. Adobe Shadow allows you to pair the website in your Chrome Browser on your desktop to your mobile devices, allow you to simultaneously see how a web page displays on all your paired devices. As you browse various web pages in your Chrome Browser, your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and other mobile devices browse to those pages with you automatically, allowing you to see how the pages render on multiple devices. Therefore if you have a responsive website using media queries or dedicated mobile websites using jQuery Mobile ( or similar mobile framework ), you will be able to see how they render as well as perform remote CSS Edits and debugging on the fly. Adobe Shadow is perfect for web designers and web developers developing websites and web applications that target desktop as well as mobile devices!

Adobe Shadow Installation on Mac and PC as well as iOS and Android

If you are intested in installing Adobe Shadow on your Mac and PC as well as iOS and Android devices, see the Adobe Instructions. Installing Adobe Shadow for mobile development on your Mac and PC is as simple as:

  1. Installing the Adobe Shadow software on your Mac or PC.
  2. Install the Adobe Shadow Chrome Extension.
  3. Installing the Client iOS and Android Software on your iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices from their App Stores.
You then need to connect your mobile device to your Mac and PC by providing a code that allows you to pair your iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone and Tablet to the Chrome Browser on your Mac and/or PC. Again, see the instructions on the Adobe Website.

Orchard CMS Mobile Website Development with Adobe Shadow

I've been developing quite a few responsive Orchard CMS Websites using Media Queries as well as dedicated jQuery Mobile Websites. Adobe Shadow is perfect for helping me develop mobile Orchard CMS Websites on the iPad, iPhone, and Andoid Phones and Tablets. Shown below is a snapshot of Adobe Shadow in action as I browse my Orchard Website on the desktop and pairing being done on my iPhone and iPad. As I browse my current Orchard Website in Chrome on my Mac or PC I can see how it looks simultaneously on my iPad and iPhone.

Orchard CMS Mobile Development with Adobe Shadow with iPhone, iPad, and Android Phone and Tablet

The top picture is my desktop Chrome Browser and you can see the version of my Orchard Website on my iPad and iPhone at the bottom. The desktop PC is running Adobe Shadow along with the Adobe Shadow Chrome Extension and my iPad and iPhone are running the Adobe Shadown Client from the iTunes Store. As I browse my Orchard Website on my Mac or PC, the iPad and iPhone browse to the same page accordingly. If you have a responsive Orchard Website or a dedicated iPad and iPhone website for Orchard, Adobe Shadow is the perfect companion for website designers and web developers developing website and web applications that target the deskop and iOS and Android device.

Adobe Shadow is a Must for Mobile Website Development

Adobe Shadow was just released and I have just begun to use it for mobile development targeting iOS and Android, but my initial reaction is that this is a must for web developers and web designers doing Mobile Development. I have already started using it on both my Mac and PC for developing a responsive Orchard CMS website. The ability to develop a website that targets desktops, iOS, and Android devices with Adobe Shadow is amazing and is currently free!


I'll be talking more about developing mobile Orchard Websites using Adobe Shadow in the future. If you are an Orchard Web Developer, check out my Orchard CMS Tutorials. If you are a mobile website developer targeting iOS and Android Devices, be sure to download Adobe Shadow.

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