Orchard Blogs has a new blog posts per page feature allowing you to adjust the number of Orchard Blog Posts per page separate from the site items per page feature. This new feature is in addition to another new feature I mentioned in my previous blog post: easily add Feedburner URL's to Orchard CMS via the RSS Feed Proxy URL Setting. Stay up-to-date on new Orchard CMS Features by subscribing to my Orchard blog, reading my Orchard Tutorials, or following me on Twitter and Google+.

Orchard Blog Posts Per Page

As I mentioned before, the Orchard Blogs Module has been given a lot of love lately. I've been running several blogs on Orchard CMS since Orchard 1.1, and for the most part, not a lot has changed with Orchard Blogs. One of the obvious new features in Orchard Blogs is the ability to set the number of blog posts per page separately from the default number of items per page set in Orchard Settings. Although a very simple change technically, it's wonderful to be able to do this when creating and administering Orchard Blogs. Shown below is a screenshot of the new "Posts per page" feature allowing you set the number of items to display on the main blog page.

Orchard CMS Blog Posts Per Page Setting

Now you can control the number of blog posts per page in Orchard as well as easily add Feedburner URL's to your Orchard Website.


Good to see a few nice changes to Orchard Blogs! If you need help developing an Orchard Website, I am an Orchard Developer for hire.