Orchard blogs hasn't had good support for adding Feedburner URLs in replace of its own RSS Feed URLs. In the past I have used my own custom Feedburner Orchard Module and there is probably a module or two on the Orchard Gallery that do the same thing. Using an RSS feed proxy, like Feedburner, is a common practice for blogs, so it's nice to see this feature in new versions of Orchard CMS. Here is a quick Orchard Tutorial showing you the new Feed Proxy Url option when configuring and creating your new blog in Orchard CMS. In my case, I will be adding my RSS Feed Proxy URL for Feedburner: http://feeds.feedburner.com/davehayden.

Feed Proxy Url for Orchard Blogs

When you create a new Orchard Blog or visit the Blog Properties of an existing blog, there is a new option, called Feed Proxy Url. By entering a Feedburner URL or other RSS Feed Proxy URL, you can override the default RSS link exposed when displaying the blog posts for the blog. In the example below, I have added my Feedburner for this blog: http://feeds.feedburner.com/davehayden.

Add Feedburner URL to Orchard Blogs

This new URL is now displayed in the HTML source as an alternate link for the content. Normally it would display an RSS Feed Link provided by Orchard, but since we have overridden the value with a new Feedburner URL for the Orchard Blog, it will display as such:

<link rel="alternate"
href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/davehayden" />


The new Feed Proxy Url in Orchard Blogs makes it really easy to add Feedburner and other feed proxy hosts to your website. It's nice to be able to remove another custom Orchard Feedburner Module that I had developed and been using for several years.

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