Orchard CMS 1.5 was released last night. I have been testing the two release candidates for about a week as well as successfully performed my first upgrade to Orchard 1.5 today. There are some really cool features in this new release that I will be blogging about as part of my Orchard Tutorials.

Orchard 1.5 Tutorials

I haven't even scratched the surface on the new features in Orchard 1.5, but I have blogged about two new features before Orchard 1.5 even went live:

Orchard 1.5 Features

For those Orchard CMS Developers hoping for an easier way to create custom forms in Orchard, you got your wish. Creating Custom forms in Orchard used to be a big pain, and now it is really easy in Orchard 1.5. I'll talk about custom forms, anti-spam, editing placement, email rules, and much more later.

For Orchard Web Developers hoping for more robust and feature-rich menu and breadcrumb features in Orchard CMS, you will be very happy, too. Multiple menus, hierarchical menus, and breadcrumbs are included in Orchard 1.5.

Again, I will be blogging all these features in the near future. Subscribe to my Orchard RSS Feed or follow me on Twitter or Google+ to stay informed.

Upgrade Website to Orchard CMS 1.5

This afternoon I successfully upgraded DavidHayden.com to Orchard 1.5. It was running Orchard 1.4 and within an hour I had it running Orchard CMS 1.5. I didn't actually deploy the upgraded version, however, as I don't need the new features. I don't plan on upgrading any of my personal websites until Orchard CMS is running on ASP.NET MVC 4 with full support for ASP.NET Web API and a new version of NHibernate, etc. Since my personal Orchard CMS Websites are primarily a few pages and a blog, I typically wait for the bigger releases :)

Here is a snapshot of DavidHayden.com running locally via IIS Express 8 on my development machine. Yes, it looks the same, but indeed it is running Orchard 1.5.

Orchard CMS 1.5 Website Upgrade


Download Orchard CMS 1.5 for the latest and greatest ASP.NET MVC Content Management System for your website.

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