I mentioned on Google+ yesterday we would see an Orchard 1.7.2 release very soon, and as luck would have it, Orchard 1.7.2 has just been released with numerous bug fixes as well as the Orchard SSL Module I blogged about yesterday. This is great timing as I have several client Orchard Websites scheduled to be upgraded to Orchard 1.7 over the next few weeks.

Orchard 1.7.2 Upgrade

If you have held off on upgrading to Orchard 1.7, now is probably a good time to upgrade as most major bugs should have been resolved by now.

You can download both the web and source code versions of Orchard 1.7.2 on CodePlex here. Those using the WebMatrix Gallery or Azure Gallery to install Orchard have had to wait in the past for the new versions to be updated for them. I would just double check the version of Orchard installed if using the WebMatrix or Azure Galleries. You might need to wait a couple of days before you see the new version installed via them.

Orchard 1.7 Features

I believe the main new feature in Orchard 1.7.2 is the SSL Module, which allows you to secure various sections of your Orchard Website using SSL. If you're interested in the new features in Orchard 1.7 overall, here is a list of Orchard 1.7 Features.

SSL Module Orchard CMS

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Good luck on upgrading your Orchard Website to 1.7.2. If you're interested, I am an Orchard Web Developer for Hire!