One of the huge benefits of the Orchard Websites I build is that they run on the free, Microsoft SQL Server CE Database. In fact, not only is SQL Server CE free for small businesses to deploy for their websites, but Orchard takes care of creating and managing the database for you. It just works. You don't have to know or understand SQL Server and T-SQL and you don't need to pay an IT Professional to manage or monitor your database. And, if and when the time comes that you want to backup and migrate SQL Server CE to a more advanced solution like SQL Server Express or SQL Server 2008 R2, there are tools that help me do that to make it affordable, easy, and painless. Let's discuss this in a bit more detail.

Orchard CMS, Shared Hosting and SQL Server CE

SQL Server CE is a free Website Database!One of the hidden costs of website ownership is the price of your database. The database is where the content for your website resides. All of the pages, blog posts, and other content on your website has to be stored somewhere, and usually this is stored in a database like SQL Server, MySQL, or SQLite. Using a database is an additional cost to your shared hosting and it is typically a great deal more than the hosting itself. To manage, access, and backup that database typically requires special tools as well. Sometimes the database tools are free, but most of the worthwhile tools to manage SQL Server and other databases are an added expense and require specialized knowledge.

SQL Server CE and Orchard CMS has changed this situation to make running a small business website on shared hosting affordable and feature-rich. SQL Server CE is not only free, but it can be copied like any other file, which makes the backup and transfer of your website database as simple as copying the website itself. This means no extra costs from your website host provider and no complicated tools and knowldge to install and backup your website database!

Orchard CMS and SQL Server CE

I'll take care of the development of your website and the details of the database, but upon installation and running your new Orchard Website for the first-time, Orchard asks you if you want to run Orchard using SQL Server CE, SQL Server Express, or SQL Server 2008 R2. Choosing SQL Server CE is the simplest as Orchard CMS will create the website database right then within the Orchard Website and populate it accordingly. Choosing SQL Server Express or SQL Server 2008 R2 requires a bit more work as the server has to be installed and running and the database has to be created ahead of time, requiring much more knowledge and effort to maintain and backup.

Orchard Website and SQL Server CE - Free Database

For most small business, SQL Server CE is more than sufficient and small business owners will appreciate the cost saving in terms of both the shared hosting and the ongoing savings of managing and backing up the SQL Server CE Database. Again, backing up SQL Server CE is as simple as copying the database like any other file in your website.

Migrating SQL Server CE to SQL Server Express or SQL Server 2008 R2

As an embedded database, SQL Server CE is slower compared to SQL Server Express or SQL Server 2008 R2. For most small businesses this means nothing as SQL Server CE will be more than adequate to serve marketing pages, blog posts, and help you connect with your clients using email marketing, Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, if the day comes when your search engine traffic and existing customer base starts to make your website performance a bit slow, it is really easy to migrate SQL Server CE to SQL Server Express or SQL Server 2008 R2. It is also just as easy to make the proper changes within Orchard to have it point to SQL Server Express and SQL Server 2008 R2. Again, you don't have to worry about this. I'll take care of this for you before you can hang up the phone!

Orchard CMS and SQL Server CE Save You Money

Contact me for a free consultation.Let's cut through all this technical talk and get right to it. Orchard CMS and SQL Server CE save you money. Both are free and the ongoing maintenance is negligible. I understand that as a small business owner you may be apprehensive and the technical talk can be overwhelming, but I know I can convince you that owning and running a small business website on Orchard CMS and SQL Server CE is a fantastic decision. I don't just build websites on Orchard CMS and SQL Server CE. All my website run on them, too!

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