Just a friendly reminder to other Orchard Web Developers that the upcoming Orchard 1.8 will be running on Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework, ASP.NET MVC 5, ASP.NET Web API 2, and Razor 3! I am converting numerous Orchard modules and building new modules using the new Orchard Source 1.x bits going forward to take advantages of these changes.

I've already mentioned building a couple of new modules using Orchard 1.8 and Infoset:

I don't know for sure if Orchard 1.8 will be converted to Visual Studio 2013. I haven't experienced any problems with Visual Studio 2013, but I have clients and peers who mention it has been buggy and slow for them.


If you find yourself with free time over the holidays, you can find me on Google+ and Twitter. I also write a lot of Orchard Tutorials.