I created a feature-rich example of using Orchard CMS as an online store / e-commerce website. My goal is to use it for Orchard CMS Training, Presentations, and maybe a developer group I plan to start later this year. I also like it as a great example as to what an Orchard Developer can do with Orchard CMS. This Orchard Store is packed with functionality, including: sliders; product carousels; various widgets to promote products whether they be popular, new, or whatever; social networking-type widgets like Twitter, Recent Blog Posts, etc; mincarts and shopping carts showcasing Ajax and user-friendly, responsive UX; product reviews and related products; Google Checkout; FAQ, Blog, and Portfolio; etc. Yeah, this thing is stacked with widgets and functionality that spotlight your products and encourage sales!

Orchard CMS Store and Commerce Website

I'll publish the e-commerce website online in the upcoming weeks, but here is a quick photo of a product detail page. Again, this doesn't show all the features, but it's a nice representation of the website. I purposely built the various widgets and functionality in several ways to convey the numerous ways you can solve and develop and Orchard CMS Website using best practices.

Orchard Commerce Website and Online Store

I purchased an HTML Template for an online store and converted it to an Orchard Theme, and then built all the functionality you see here to create a clean, HTML5, responsive e-commerce store running on Orchard CMS. I've been doing this awhile, so development wasn't more than a few days and it is a working online store using Google Checkout for payment! The name of the store is completely fabricated and the products I found at various geek-type stores :)

Orchard CMS Training

The end goal of the website is to use this online store for Orchard Training and Presentations throughout the next year. Therefore, I built various wigets, content types, and content parts, as well as the theme using various methods in order to expose the Orchard CMS Developer to numerous methods of solving a solution. I used some of those methods we had to "endure" in earlier versions of Orchard CMS with those features in later versions that make Orchard Website Development much easier. Thanks to the hard work of the Orchard Developer team development has gotten much easier, but I felt it necessary to expose you to some of the "pain" and hard work us early adopters had to implement in order to get things just right! Trust me. It makes you a better developer!


My goal is to heat things up in October! I have just finished coding the Orchard Commerce Website and now I plan to create documentation and presentation slides during the next month. I also expect to do at least one upgrade to Orchard CMS running on ASP.NET MVC 4 with Web API and Visual Studion 2012!

More information forthcoming!