When you create an Orchard Core CMS Website using The Blog Theme it creates a blog for you (no surprise there). If you're an Orchard Core CMS Developer, you already realize that there is a setup recipe that is part of The Blog Theme that does all kinds of wonderful things to make that magic happen. Blog and Blog Post Content Types are created for you. Currently (and this may change) a List Content Part is attached to the Blog Content Type making it a container of blog posts. These blog posts have all kinds of wonderful fields and parts attached to them like Media Fields, AutoRoute Part, Title Part, and depending on your preferences an HtmlBody or MarkdownBody Part, etc. New images are added to assets and used for the blog posts. Shapes are created for blog and blog posts as well as the layout, widgets, various parts, etc. And, now with the new Admin Menus in Orchard Core CMS, The Blog Theme setup recipe even provides a nice little shortcut to the blog on the Orchard Core Admin Dashboard for your convenience!

Orchard Core CMS Blog Theme Setup Recipe

Orchard Core Themes come with a setup recipe, but an Orchard Core CMS Developer is not limited to setup recipes. There can be custom recipes that are part of the theme or module that are not setup recipes and add functionality on-the-fly. You can find the setup recipes, and all recipes, available on the Orchard CMS Website under Configuration -> Recipes on the Admin Dashboard.

Orchard Core Recipe Admin Menu

[Note: Running custom recipes is possible with Orchard CMS, too. A great example is the recipe that you run when adding Search Functionality to the website.]

I have several Orchard Core CMS Themes that offer features like a portfolio, blog, product catalog for e-commerce stores, FAQ, etc., but rather than adding this functionality to the setup recipe, I created separate custom recipes that can be run on demand. Here are examples of custom recipes that create and Orchard Core Blog and Portfolio on demand as part of the theme.

Run Custom Recipes for Themes from Orchard Core Admin Dashboard

When you click run, it runs the recipe as expected, creating a blog and portfolio on the website automagically! This not only saves you the manual effort, but allows you to add the functionality when you need it.

Running custom recipes from the Orchard Core Admin Dashboard is a bit bare bones right now. It would be nice if I could add parameters on-the-fly, knew if the recipe was run before and possibly when it was run, and a host of many other features. I suspect these and many more features will come in the future if they haven't been added already. The cool part is that we have the ability to create and run custom recipes today, which offers a lot of possibilities for Orchard Core CMS Developers.

Stay tune for more Orchard Core Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials!