Editorial is an Orchard Core CMS Theme for journalists and writers based on the responsive Editorial HTML Template from HTML5 Up.

Orchard Core CMS Theme for Journalists - Editorial

Editorial includes a Setup Recipe that creates a new Orchard Core CMS website. The Setup Recipe enables Editorial as the default Orchard Core CMS Theme and populates the website with sample content. Setup creates the menus, search widget, news headlines, and sample pages just as you see in the live demo.

Editorial Orchard Core CMS Setup Receipe

Orchard Core CMS Themes can use either the Razor or Liquid Template Language. Editorial uses the Liquid Template Language to build and display all the shapes.

Liquid Widgets

I mentioned the Liquid Template Language that can be used to develop Orchard Core CMS themes. Orchard Core CMS also has a LiquidPart, which is a Content Part that can be attached to a Content Type to render dynamic content (similar to how Shopify uses it for their e-commerce sites). The Editorial Theme creates a Liquid Widget as part of the setup process and uses the widget to populate dynamic, sample website contents similar to the demo.

Orchard enhances the Liquid Template Language with its own set of objects and filters. For example, the Footer Widget created by the Editorial Setup Recipe is a Liquid Widget that dynamically renders the name of the site in the footer. This is a trivial example shown for illustration purposes, but using the Liquid Template Language in widgets and pages to render dynamic content is a powerful tool.

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