Orchard CMS includes a Warmup Module that dramatically helps those websites on shared hosting respond to website requests quicker at times when the website has been "put to sleep" due to inactivity or periodic application pool recycling. Most new Orchard Websites that are either on inexpensive shared hosting prone to application pool recycling or receive very little incoming traffic will want to enable the performance settings for the Orchard Warmup Module. By enabling these Orchard Performance Settings, Orchard will respond quicker to incoming requests by serving static snapshots of your website content while the CMS has time to start. Once started, Orchard will begin serving the normal dynamic content. Let's discuss a quick tip on the correct way to configure the Orchard Website Performance Settings.

Configuring Orchard Performance Settings

As an Orchard Web Developer I configure the Orchard Performance Settings for all my clients with the purchase of a new Orchard Website. However, for those of you new Orchard Website Owners that prefer to go it alone, here is a common mistake and quick tip when configuring the performance settings.

Enter each URL on a separate line!When entering the URL ( Path ) of the content to be stored in the Orchard Warmup Cache, it is necessary to enter each URL on a separate line. Although it says this in the fine-print, the example shows URL's separated by a comma on a single line, which confuses even new Orchard Web Developers. If you enter the URL's on a single line separated with a comma, the Orchard Warmup Module will not work and you will not experience the additional performance from your Orchard Website.

In Orchard CMS 1.2, it is a bit more obvious that you have not correctly entered the URL's because a Performance Status Area has been added that shows a list of the URLs, the HTTP Status Codes which should be 200, and when the static content was last generated. If you see a status code of 404, this means you have added a URL that does not exist on your website.

You can see an example of the Orchard Website Performance Settings below.

Configure Orchard Performance Settings - Orchard CMS

Generating Warmup Pages in Orchard CMS

In addition to entering the URL's ( Paths ) that you want to be added to the Orchard Warmup Cache, you will also want to set how often you want the static content ( pages ) generated by Orchard CMS going forward. The default is every 90 minutes with the option to generate pages when you update or change the content. The appropriate settings vary from Orchard Website to Orchard Website, so it is recommended you fine tune those performance settings as you get more familiar with the amount of traffic to your website, the frequency at which you update the content, and the behavior of your shared hosting web server. If in doubt, check both

  • Generate warmup pages periodically and every 90 minutes
  • Generate warmup pages any time some content is published


I hope this helps you fine tune the performance of your Orchard CMS Website. If you are interested in having me develop a new website for you or developing new functionality in your existing website, please contact me. I'd love to help!

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