I've been upgrading client websites to Orchard 1.7 that I thought it was about time to upgrade my own Orchard Website to 1.7.2 over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Given I am running very few custom Orchard Modules and mainly just using the blog engine in Orchard, the upgrade to Orchard 1.7.2 went very smoothly. I also didn't need to migrate my images to use the new Orchard Media Library, since my needs are pretty simple. If you are still running older versions of Orchard, now is a good time to upgrade to Orchard 1.7.2 to take advantage of the new functionality and performance improvement in Orchard 1.7.

Orchard 1.7 Features

If you are a regular visitor of my website, you will know that I am a passionate Orchard Web Developer. I have numerous Orchard Tutorials and a nice list of Orchard 1.7 features that you can read during your downtime. I personally don't use the new Orchard Media Library, Media Processing Module, and Orchard Workflow in Orchard 1.7 on my personal website, but I have built numerous custom Workflow Activities, Image Filters, and Media Profiles for my clients. I love the new features in Orchard 1.7 and the ASP.NET MVC CMS just keeps getting better and faster.


Best wishes to you all! If you are looking for an Orchard Web Developer, please contact me to build any Orchard Themes, Websites, and Modules.