Looking forward to the release of the Orchard Workflow Module, which will probably be released around the same time as Orchard 1.7. The Workflow Module will probably replace the Orchard Rules Engine, which I have thoroughly enjoyed up to this point. The Orchard Workflow Module will have similar events and actions just like the Orchard Rules Engine, but offer quite a bit more functionality with various decision points that shape the workflow. I know a lot of clients would like to be able to have a workflow on how content is created, reviewed, approved, and published, and this is exactly what the new Orchard Workflow Module will address along with many other possibilities.

Orchard Workflow Module

I played with the Orchard Workflow Module this evening and am pretty excited about its future. Unlike the Orchard Rules Engine, the Workflow Module has a drag and drop canvas where you place and connect various events, actions, and decision nodes. I built a simple Orchard workflow that essentially started when a content item was created. If the item was created by an administrator, the content item was published, and a notify event was displayed saying it was published. If the item was not created by an administrator, then a notification message was displayed that the content item needed to be reviewed and approved before being published. It is a trivial workflow, but I just wanted to get a feel for the module and how it compared to the rules engine.

Orchard Workflow Module

Obviously workflow can get much more complicated in Orchard CMS and you can see several shapes for branching in the toolbar. Many of the events and actions are similar to the Orchard Rules Engines. Just like the rules engine, the events and actions use tokens so you can capture and use context sensitive information about the content item during the workflow. This module will be fun to use as well as extend for Orchard Web Developers.


I am really looking forward to the release of the Orchard Workflow Module. I'm guessing it will be released at the same time as Orchard 1.7, but only time will tell. Check my Orchard Tutorials for other new features coming in Orchard 1.7.