As I mentioned earlier, Orchard 1.3 was released the other day and it has some incredibly useful features for a minor release! I have already mentioned the Markdown support in Orchard 1.3 in my Orchard Tutorials, which allows content authors to create content items, like Orchard Blog Posts and Orchard Pages, using the popular Markdown Syntax. Along those same content authoring lines, we now also have the ability to preview unpublished blog posts, pages, and other content items before publishing them! This is a huge benefit as all Orchard Website Contributors would prefer to preview their content before making the changes live. With the Preview option in Orchard 1.3, you can now take a sneak peek at the content to make sure it is perfect before publishing it for others to see!

Previewing Unpublished Content Items

When I published my recent post on Markdown Support in Orchard 1.3, I had absolutely no way to preview the blog post before publishing it as my site is currently still running Orchard 1.2. Yes, that will be resolved when I have more time over the weekend! It was not until I pressed published that I was able to confirm I had no broken image links or other errors that can go undetected until the tutorial was published. In Orchard 1.3, you can now just Save ( not Publish ) the blog post, page, or other content item and you will see a new Preview link allowing you to preview the item before publishing it.

Previewing Blog Posts and Pages in Orchard CMS

As you would expect, clicking the Preview link shows you the blog post ( or any content item ) as it would be displayed when published, allowing you to spot and fix any errors. You will notice the URL and the mention of Preview in it.

Preview Unpublished Draft Blog Post in Orchard

Now you might be thinking what is to stop anyone from accessing the URL and looking at unpublished blog posts and other content items, etc. I tried this same link from an unauthenticated browser and was greeted with the following message.

Anonymous users cannot preview blog posts and pages in Orchard

You would hope this is the case and I am sure it is locked down by stereotype ( role ) in Orchard CMS. Once everything looks good, you can publish your blog post, page, or other content item with confidence in Orchard 1.3!


The new Preview Feature in Orchard 1.3 is a huge benefit for those Orchard Website Owners and Content Authors responsible for publishing new pages and blog posts to their website. You can find out about other features in Orchard Tutorials!

If you need help upgrading your Orchard Website to Orchard 1.3 or are looking for a new Orchard Website, please contact me!