This week is Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code Challenge in 2013 where we are encouraged to introduce children to computer science and programming. As both a professional software / website developer and father in Sarasota, Florida, I'm enjoying this opportunity. During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals I purchased a couple of Raspberry Pi Starter Kits as an innovative way to teach my children both the hardware and software aspects of computer science. Although I have been teaching my children HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, and Python, I wanted to introduce them to DIY technologies like the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi

On Monday of this week we discussed the Raspberry Pi for an hour. We talked about the components of the Raspberry Pi ( USB, HDMI, SD, GPIO, etc. ) as well as created a bootable SD Card and connected it to the Internet. We hooked up the keyboard, mouse, power supply, and HDMI-capable TV. It was fun to watch their faces as the Raspberry PI booted and started generating a log and instructions on the TV. We configured it appropriately and started playing a bit with the GUI and command line interfaces. It was a lot of fun.

Raspberry Pi Sarasota Florida

Tueday we will be spending an hour or more using Google Coder for Raspberry PI to build HTML5 Websites using the Raspberry PI as a Web Server.


Computer science and programming needs to be actively taught in the educational system in the United States. I encourage you to introduce your children to an hour of programming this week. I know I will be teaching an hour of coding everyday this week in Sarasota, Florida.

Check out using Coder for Raspberry Pi to teach children HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for building web pages and applications.

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