Enjoying yoga class this morning when the conversation turned to mindfulness meditation and what iPhone app people use for a meditation timer. As a proud Dad I grab my iPhone and with a big grin show off a React.js web app my daughter and I built some time ago. There are plenty of great meditation timers on the App Store, but it's always more fun to use an app I built myself.

React.js Meditation Timer using WebPack Yeoman Rebass Node

A few features I prefer from a meditation timer include:

  • Warm-Up Timer: I need a minute or 2 to prepare for meditation, and prefer a separate timer for this warm-up period.
  • Interval Chime: I like to hear a nice chime at regular intervals while meditating. This timer uses various singing bowls.
  • Multiple Chimes: I like to hear different chimes so I know when warmup is completed and the meditation session is completed.
  • Big UI Controls: Bigger the better. Colors are my daughter's favorite!

This is probably the simplest React.js web app you can build as it doesn't store any long term data. At one time we had it connected to Firebase using ReactFire to store long-term statistics, etc., but I rarely used or even looked at the data so I removed it. It's built on Mac OS X using Node, React.js, WebPack, Yeoman, Sublime Text, and Rebass.

React.js Mobile App Meditation Timer

This will always be my favorite meditation timer :)