I developed a custom Orchard Core CMS Module that provides a role layer rule. The rule, which is a GlobalMethod, allows administrators to specify that all widgets in a particular layer are only displayed to users who are in a specified role. The rule can be used to restrict certain information and functionality to customers, authors, administrators, etc.

Freelance Orchard Core CMS Developer - Custom Module

Enable the custom module from the Orchard Core CMS Dashboard and create a new layer that uses the new rule to only display widgets to users in one or more specified roles. This example creates a new layer in Orchard Core CMS, called Admin, that uses the new rule to specify that widgets in this layer are only available to administrators.

Create a new layer in Orchard Core CMS

When adding a new widget, in this case a Liquid Widget to the Content Zone, specify that the widget is in the new Admin layer. Only users who are administrators will be able to see the widget in this layer.

Create a new widget in Orchard Core CMS

Test the new rule by attempting to view the widget anonymously or using another built-in role in Orchard Core CMS, like Contributor, Author, etc.