If you're still learning the new Workflow Module, Media Library, and Media Processing Module recently introduced in Orchard CMS, you'll want to add another module to learn as an Orchard Web Developer - SSL Module. The SSL Module adds Secure Sockets Layer functionality in Orchard, allowing you to enable SSL on the Orchard website. Once the SSL Module is installed you will need to enable it and adjust the settings depending on your needs.

SSL Module in Orchard

The SSL Module is located within the Security Section of your Orchard Modules.

SSL Module Orchard CMS

Once you enable it, there will be an "SSL" option in Site Settings that allows you to configure various options for SSL on your Orchard Website including:

  • Enable SSL redirection
  • Force SSL on all pages
  • Enable SSL on specific pages

as well as the ability to add URL's to secure and host names for the Orchard Website.

SSL Settings in Orchard Website

SSL Conventions in Secure Sockets Layer Service

In addition to the SSL Settings you can set in the Orchard Dashboard, there are also some conventions used by the Secure Sockets Layer Service to enable SSL. A couple stand out in the source code:

  1. Account Controller Actions: LogOn, ChangePassword, Register, ChallengeEmail
  2. ASP.NET MVC Controller or Action Names that end in "Ssl"
  3. [RequireHttps] Attribute on Controllers or Actions

For example, if you are developing custom controller actions in Orchard CMS and wish to either secure all actions in a controller or specific actions, end the controller name or action name using "Ssl", respectfully. You can also use the [RequireHttps] Attribute. etc.

Note that these conventions could change at anytime so always refer to the SSL Module Source Code for verification or the Orchard Documentation.


If you're interested in the SSL Module for Orchard CMS, you can currently grab it from the Orchard Source Code on CodePlex. On the next release of Orchard it will be available from the downloads.

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