Statamic CMS is a flat-file CMS based on PHP that I have been using to develop smaller, marketing websites. I haven't mentioned it here until now only because I wanted to develop a handful of production websites using Statamic before giving my opinion on it. In short, I absolutely love Statamic. It is very easy to create 1) Statamic Themes, 2) functionality on your website for blog posts, portfolios, product catalogs, and other content types in your Statamic Website, and 3) various Statamic Add-Ons and Extensions to further extend Statamic and offer reusable functionality. As an Orchard CMS Developer, it is not a replacement for Orchard CMS, but an alternative to Orchard CMS for those websites that can benefit from the simplicity of Statamic.

Commercial CMS with Premium Add-Ons

Statamic requires a license to be purchased for each deployment. It is currently $29 for a personal license and $99 for a professional license. There are also 2 add-ons that you will also probably want to purchase: Raven Forms currently for $49/site and BloodHound Search also for $49/site. Purchasing the CMS and a couple of important add-ons took a bit getting used to having spent the past 4 years developing with Orchard CMS, which is OSS. However, I quickly realized the value after experiencing the wonderful documentation, responsive and meaningful support answers, and the quick release of product updates containing bug fixes and new features. This has been a breath of fresh air compared to my experiences with most OSS.

Flat-File CMS

Statamic is a flat-file CMS, which means you don't have to deal with a database. I love this! This makes Statamic very easy to deploy and develop. It also allows simpler, less-costly hosting services for your website. And, it makes it really easy to version control the website using Git, Mercurial, or other source control solution. You can easily commit your changes to your Git or Mercurial Repository and have a post-commit-hook automatically update your website in one shot. It's a beautiful thing!

Wonderful Control Panel

As a flat-file CMS, you don't need to use a control panel to add and update content on your website. Web designers and developers can avoid the control panel and just use their favorite text or Markdown editor to add blog posts, products, and other content to their Statamic Website. However, Statamic comes with a clean, attractive, and responsive control panel that your clients will love an appreciate. All my clients have commented on how much they love its simplicity and how easy it is to update content on their website.

No Programming Required

I kid you not, you don't need to know any PHP to create a Statamic Website unless you want to start developing Statamic Add-Ons. Everything is configured and created using YAML, and the documentation will have you developing Statamic Websites quickly. In fact, when you purchase a license and download Statamic, it comes with a sample website, theme, and content types from which you can learn and re-use in your own websites. You will be developing Statamic websites in days, not weeks and months. Just use the awesome documentation as a resource while you work through the sample website and start building your own websites.


I know I've talked quite highly about Statamic in this blog post, but it really is quite awesome. I find it a wonderful alternative to Orchard CMS for some of the websites I develop for clients. In addition to Orchard CMS, I am and have been offering website development services using Statamic. If you are interested in having a website developed with Statamic CMS, please contact me. I'll be offering Statamic Training in the near future as well.