As I develop e-commerce websites with Orchard CMS I have been wanting to integrate them with Stripe for online payments. I haven't used Stripe before, but it looks like a pretty simple and wonderful way to accept payments online. Therefore, I registered for a Stripe Account and have just begun working on the Orchard CMS integration.

Stripe Button

I figured I would take baby steps and first integrate Orchard with the Stripe Button, which looks about as easy as it gets for accepting online payments.

Orchard CMS and Stripe for Online Payments

Stripe's Button makes it even easier to integrate Stripe directly into your website. We'll take care of building and styling credit card inputs, validation, error handling, and sending the encrypted card number securely to Stripe.

I'll start with this first and move to more advanced functionality later.

Stripe API Integration

Stripe has an API for handling Tokens, Customers, Plans, Charges, Invoices, Subscriptions, and Events. If you're using Stripe, it would certainly be nice to have a management area within the Orchard Dashboard that utilizes the API. Luckily C# .NET Integration has already been developed via a couple of .NET Libraries and Orchard just needs to work with an existing library!


If you plan on using Stripe with Orchard CMS and have some thoughts and/or recommendations on what functionality to provide, send me an email. I am in more of an experimental and discovery mode right now as I build out various settings, parts, and widgets based on my initial thoughts and would love to hear other opinions. Once I get a nice base I will toss the code on GitHub.