With website design and development technologies changing so quickly it is difficult to stay abreast of best practices and changes in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and related technologies. This is where a book like The Modern Web comes into play. The Modern Web provides an overview of current and future technologies that shape website and web app development with plenty of examples and code snippets. It's packed full of good information on what's new in HTML5, CSS3, images and graphics, page layouts, microdata, responsive design, JavaScript libraries, device APIs, etc. Whether you are a web designer, web developer, front-end engineer, or director of information technology, The Modern Web offers you a lot of information on the current state of building for the web and what to expect in the future.

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and the Kitchen Sink

The Modern Web BookThe Modern Web touches everything I could possibly think of regarding web design and development. It helps you understand technologies and best practices for:

  • Writing semantic and accessible HTML5 rich in metadata.
  • Page layout techniques to display content on any device.
  • JavaScript libraries and techniques for better performance and usability.
  • Including Images, graphics and rich media in your designs.
  • Forms and form validation.
  • Web apps and hybrid apps for developing once and deploying everywhere.
  • etc...

Obviously the book is just a snapshot and technology and techniques continue to evolve after publication. However, if you are a bit behind on what's happening or need to continually stay informed of technology for web design and development, The Modern Web will save you a lot of hours getting up-to-speed.

Nicely Organized with Good Code Snippets and Samples

The Modern Web organizes the information quite nicely, clearly explains the importance, and provides code snippets and samples at just the right level to demonstrate it's use. If you aren't really interested in understanding implementation, The Modern Web is a great overview. The snippets and code samples are there to support the written content and do not get in the way of the information. You can easily read though the material and skip any code and snippets and learn a lot. If you are a web developer, designer, or more of a visual learner like myself, the samples are just right to digest the information and walk away with good knowledge of implementation. If you want to take the information further, there is a list of resources for Further Reading at the end of each chapter should you wish to dive even deeper.


If you feel a bit in the dark on the latest technologies for building websites and applications for the web and want a good overview with useful examples, The Modern Web is a reat choice. You will need a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as the book doesn't teach the basics. It's for those web designers, developers, and managers that understand the basics of building websites and applications for the web and are looking to catch-up on the fast changing landscape. It touches just about everything, but certainly review the table of contents to make sure the topics that interest you are included in the book. I highly recommend The Modern Web and you can learn more on the O'Reilly Website.