Visual Studio Code 1.0 is released! I have been using it the past few days for web development ( particularly React.js development ), and I like it a lot. I plan to use it for the next month on a project to see if it can completely replace my use of Sublime Text and Atom.

Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks

There are lots of nice tutorials and examples of using Visual Studio Code, but the one that has helped me the most is the Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks presentation at Build 2016. It gives a nice overview of shortcuts, settings, and bindings in Visual Studio Code as well as demonstrates using it with Webpack and React.js, which is what I primarily use for front-end development. Although the WebPack and React.js are minimally discussed in the video, you can download the example on GitHub to get a better understanding of how to use Visual Studio Code with React.js. If you don't use React.js, the Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks Presentation is still awesome as the tips and tricks are useful for any development.

You can obtain a list of the various tips and tricks on GitHub, which include information on Visual Studio Code customization, extensions, file and folder management, editing hacks, intellisense, snippets, etc.

If you develop with React.js and Webpack, check out the Visual Studio Code React.js Example: