I spend 70% of my time as an Orchard CMS Developer in Visual Studio developing custom modules and websites for clients, but the other 30% is developing custom themes using WebMatrix. In addition to creating themes in WebMatrix, I also love the database migration wizard in WebMatrix that will allow you to convert / migrate a SQL Server CE database to a SQL Server Express or SQL Server Database. During Orchard CMS development I love to use SQL Server CE as my database, because it is easy to copy, compress, and check-in to source code. However for deployment, you may want to use SQL Server Express or SQL Server for the performance gains. This is where Microsoft WebMatrix makes it really easy to migrate that SQL Server Compact Edition Database to SQL Server.

Orchard CMS Database Migration using WebMatrix

Open your Orchard CMS Website in Microsoft WebMatrix and choose the Databases Tab. Assuming you are using SQL Server CE as your database, you will see a database, called Orchard.sdf.

WebMatrix Database Migration for Orchard CMS

When you select the Orchard Database the Migrate Button on the WebMatrix Toolbar is enabled. Click the Migrate button, which will bring up a database migration wizard allowing you to migrate the Orchard SQL Server CE database to SQL Server Express or SQL Server.

WebMatrix Database Migration for Orchard CMS


If you are an Orchard Web Developer looking for an easy way to convert your Orchard SQL Server CE Database to SQL Server Express and SQL Server, try Microsoft WebMatrix. Check out my other WebMatrix Tutorials. Don't forget the new release of Microsoft WebMatrix 3.0.

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