I am a big fan of Microsoft WebMatrix and often use it for Orchard CMS Development. WebMatrix 3 preview was just released and it has support for Git and GitHub. You can open websites by providing a remote Git URL or clone a repository in your GitHub account. WebMatrix detects your website is a Git repository and displays a new Source Control Toolbar to perform simple Git commands. It's a beautiful thing!

WebMatrix 3 Git and GitHub Extensions

There are lots of really nice features in WebMatrix 3 that I will cover in future blog posts. Today I want to show a few screenshots of the new Git and GitHub features in WebMatrix. Git support is provided by a couple of extensions: GitHubExtension and Git for WebMatrix.

WebMatrix 3 Git and GitHub Extensions

Git for WebMatrix was already installed when I first installed WebMatrix 3, but GitHubExtension needs to manually installed from the WebMatrix Extensions Gallery.

Opening Websites in Git and GitHub Repositories

The new open menu in WebMatrix 3 has an option to open a website in source control.

WebMatrix 3 Open Website in Source Control

Depending on which extensions you have installed, you will see various options to open a website via a Git URL, TFS Server, or GitHub Repository.

WebMatrix 3 Open Website from Git, GitHub, TFS

WebMatrix 3 Git Source Control Integration

When you have your website and Git Repository created on your local PC you will see that you now have source control integrated into WebMatrix 3. There is a source control toolbar with basic Git commands as well as status icons next to each file.

Git Integrated into Microsoft WebMatrix


The Git and GitHub integration in WebMatrix 3 is simple and elegant for developing websites! Check out my other WebMatrix tutorials.